Lachlan Mackenzie


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Mackenzie, J.L., accepted. Le développement de la Grammaire Fonctionnelle(-Discursive) et l'apport d'Ahmed Moutaouakil (provisional title). For publication in a planned volume on semantics and pragmatics, edited by M. Jadir.


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In preparation

Mackenzie, J.L., in prep. Response article to Livio Gaeta, 'Categorial shift and morphological differentiation'. For a Special Issue of Language Sciences.

Mackenzie, J.L., in prep. Translation into Arabic by Aziz Amari and Rahmouni Abderrahmane of Mackenzie (2004), 'Functional Discourse Grammar and Language Production', in a work to be edited by Hafid Ismaili Alaoui (University of Qatar).

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